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A Final Act of Caring
As you face the painful decision about euthanasia, be assured that the trust your pet has in you is well-placed.  The compassion that compels you to end the life of your animal friend is a final act of caring-a final act of love.
  Price $5.00 

Cat or Dog Heaven
If you have ever been lucky enough
to have a special cat or dog in your life,
then you know there is a place
called Cat Heaven and Dog Heaven. 
These books are a picture-book painter.

  Price $17.00 

Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
This book provides a wealth of compassionate advice and specific coping strategies to help you deal with the loss of a pet.  It covers the experiences and suggestions of dozens of pet owners across the U.S. who have dealt with loss.
  Price $15.00 

For Every Cat An Angel
For Every Cat An Angel was written to welcome Dickens, Pippen, Molly and Star into the Davis household and thank them for enchanting the author with their Cat Magic.  Filled with colorful illustrations, it will delight cat lovers young and old and bring comfort to anyone who has to say goodbye to their best four-legged friend.
  Price $10.00 

For Every Dog An Angel
After the unexpected loss of her beloved dog.  Martha, author Christine Davis searched for a gentle book that might lift her spirits and bring her some comfort.  Unable to find a book that understood her feelings of loss and spoke to her heart.  Ms. Davis wrote For Every Dog An Angel as a way of acknowledging the special relationship she and Martha had started.

  Price $10.00 

Forever In My Heart
A fill in memory book for adults

  Price $5.00 

Good-bye My Friend
Grief is the price we pay for having loved. Through all the tears and the sadness and the pain of grief comes one thought that can make us smile again: we loved a particular animal dearly and that love was returned manfold.
When the time is right you may feel that you have love to share with another pet.  Not a pet to replace the one you had, but another animal to welcome into your home and into your heart.

  Price $5.00 

Pet Cards
Sympathy, Congratulations

  Price $2.50 

Prayer of St Francis of Assisi
A Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi (Laminated)

  Price $2.00 

Until We Meet Again
God's Eternal Plan For His Animals


  Price $12.00 

Will I See Fido in Heaven
Scripturally Revealing God's Wonderful Eternal Plan for His Non-Human Creatures

  Price $12.00