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Precious Memories Animal Crematory



Frequently Asked Questions


Why Cremation?

Some people choose not to bury their pets as they may live in an apartment or a community with strict covenants. Cremation is the most environmentally friendly means of dealing with a deceased pet, providing the owner with an eternal memento of their lives together.


Do you cremate any pet?

Yes. At Precious Memories we realize that "pets" include more than just dogs and cats. We cremate all pets from pythons to pot-bellied pigs, and boa constrictors to billy goats. No pet is too small either. We accept mice, rabbits, ferrets, and iguanas as well.


Do you provide urns?

Yes. We offer several attractive handpainted urns in your choice of colors.


How do I arrange for the collection of my pet?

Simply contact us at (706) 625-5031 and we will pick up the same day from your home or veterinarian's office.


How do I know that I am receiving only my pet's ashes?

Precious Memories Pet Crematory Inc. has strict guidelines, and we keep accurate logs of all cremations. Please call us with any questions at (706) 625-5031.


Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, as well as checks and cash.